Repant - The integrated reverse vending system

Repant delivers reverse vending systems for all authorized types of returnable deposits. The systems include reverse vending machines for returnables, liquidity systems for management of revenues from deposits, maintenance systems and logistical systems for management of returnable deposits.

The reverse vending machines generate efficient recycling of returnable deposits. The products are designed with an emphasis on making recycling easy for the end-user and cost effective for our customers.

Repant ASA - Visiting address: Kobbervikdalen 75, N-3036 Drammen, Norway
Postal address: Postboks 720 Strømsø, N-3003 Drammen, Norway | Phone: +47 32 20 91 00 | Fax: +47 32 20 91 01 | Support: +47 32 20 91 20
VAT Registration No.968 920 863 |

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